The Beam #11: A New Members Club To Cultivate Empathy Among People In Harmony With Nature.

This article by Joerg Geier and Lili Jassemi Schmidt-Thomé will be featured in The Beam #11 – Power in People.

The Arts & Nature Social Club, or ANSC, is an international members club launched in Berlin in November 2019. As such, ANSC is shaping a global community of opinion leaders from the arts, sciences, and entrepreneurship.

Our complex and intertwined world, marked by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity needs equally complex solutions to current challenges that we face globally. Disruptive changes in markets, technology and society, as well as our climate crisis, require organizations and individuals alike to develop a clearer, more creative and innovative vision to tackle these challenges and emerge out of it with more resilient systems putting nature at the forefront. The current Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis is yet another reason.

The art world and artists are experts in visionary thought and imagination and have the potential to inspire others with their cutting-edge approaches and their out-of-the-box thinking and creating. This fertile soil forms the basis for the Arts & Nature Social Club. Our interdisciplinary community serves as an inspirational platform for a sustainable future on this planet…