Our Vision

To form a community of opinion leaders from the fields of arts, science and business who will act as an inspirational platform for a desirable and sustainable future life on this planet.

Our Mission

To develop a club with members who cultivate empathy for the living and for nature, as well as for socially, economically and culturally attractive new solutions in the face of current challenges. To bring together professionals from a diverse range of disciplines who continually address the essential question of our time: How can humanity once again be in positive equilibrium with the global bio- and geosystem? 

We inspire Change

Arts and Nature Social Club

Our planet is changing dramatically.
Much of it is man-made.

“Even though the consequences stemming from a lack of sustainability (such as ongoing climate change, the loss of biodiversity, or increasing migration), are obvious, our political and economic policy-makers around the world do not act accordingly. Because they do not dare to question the present international economic order not least promoting injustice and the destruction of the environment. The great challenge we are faced with calls for a shift in our highly complex and globalized world, one towards systemic change, a new order focused much more strongly on the wellbeing of humanity and the environment including all other forms of life than it does today. The solutions that have been proposed for years are being implemented far too slowly and half-heartedly.

We are convinced that humanity has the intellectual and technical capabilities to realize such a change. Therefore, we would like to provide an inspirational stimulus to the public discourse by connecting existing thoughts and measures: for a consistent shift towards systemic change.”

German Chapter of the CLUB OF ROME, 50 Years Club of Rome

Arts and Nature Social Club


We are convinced that curiosity, sensitivity and a more open encounter of the individual with nature can contribute to future-proof solutions. We are optimistic that people will change their destructive behavior step by step if they develop more empathy and a sense of belonging for their life giver, planet earth.

Our world, which is dominated by urbanization, machinisation and uncontrolled growth, often makes it difficult for us to access the most primitive forms of existence.

The Arts & Nature Social Club wants to revive this often neglected relationship with nature and the interactions between art, nature and human coexistence. In a family circle there are many opportunities for the members to have intellectual and aesthetic-cultural dialogue. Encounters with artists, curated travel experiences and diverse scientific contributions expand our perception and understanding of the state of the world, our role and our responsibility.


Answers to the core question:
"How does humanity become a constructive part of the global geo-biosystem again?" can and should help to solve the problems of our time.

This central question is being addressed through a stimulating exchange of ideas, based on lectures, workshops, and educational trips within the framework of a diverse program, curated by our active members and speakers. For this purpose, artistic, scientific, and economic views and approaches are being discussed on a regular basis. Our international network of chapters, composed of opinion-leaders and decision-makers, thereby cultivates these stimuli aimed at bringing about a change of heart together with a proactive approach towards a world that works for all.


How can I become a member?

If you are interested to join our organisation please contact us at info@artsandnaturesocialclub.org - we will provide you with a digital application form:


Arts & Nature Social Club e.V.
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Executive board: Jutta Kallies-Schweiger, Christin Bettinghaus, Joerg Geier, Fabian König, Peter Moll