Inspiration Salon: Migration Redefined

Embracing Systemic and Tech/AI Solutions for a Brighter Future

Ummul Choudhury
(Co-Founder & CEO, FrontlineAid)

Jennifer Gaspar
(Human Rights Advocate; Managing Director, Araminta)

Yuliia Karnas
(Researcher, StartupBoat and Managing Director, OneUkrain)

Ahmed Ramadan

in conversation with Joerg Geier, ANSC Program Chair

Ahmed Ramadan will present and explain some of his artworks

Wednesday, 22 November 2023
Hotel de Rome (Berlin)
Opera Court

The salon will highlight three different stories of how multiple migrant and refugee crises can be turned into opportunities. 

What unites the three speakers is their entrepreneurial approach looking at migration challenges from different perspectives, in some cases assisted by technology- and AI-driven solutions. A systemic lens underlines the need to incorporate the complex nature of migration driven by a mix of different root causes. Following an outline of each panelist’s distinct projects, we will discuss common threads that can serve as examples in other geographic regions and crisis areas.

Ummul Choudhury

Ummul Choudhury, following a successful career in media, founded her own international development organization and consultancy in 2010. When she saw the need for systemic change in cross-border work in crises zones, she established the tech company FrontlineAid in 2019, offering solutions for operating in remote and high risk contexts. Her charity RealtimeAid provides support to traumatized children in conflict zones.

Yuliia Karnas

Yuliia Karnas is Managing Director of OneUkraine, a group of European founders and investors providing humanitarian relief for Ukrainians at scale. She is also a co-founder of TYSHA, an NGO working towards women empowerment. Yuliia supports StartupBoat –  first formed with the help of more than 60+ entrepreneurs to create tech-based humanitarian solutions on rescue boats – and their Cosmopolis App, a matchmaking platform for helpers & refugees based on relational data & AI.

Jennifer Gaspar

Jennifer Gaspar currently focuses on human rights, immigration, security, policy advocacy, and building new models for financing human rights protection. Her non-profit consultancy Araminta is a source for advisory services for companies that understand the link between human rights, supply chain issues and success in business. Jennifer’s project UA Nest Berlin offers a central hub for human rights defenders and civil society activists from Ukraine.

Ahmed Ramadan

Ahmed Ramadan is an award-winning artist from Syria. After political imprisonment in 2011, he fled to Germany where he developed his artistic language in painting, graphic and 3D works, and installations that challenge the viewer by evoking participation and concern. His works testify an existential confrontation with a social reality in which human responsibility is increasingly dwindling. Biographical conditions and current everyday experiences are his motifs.

Jörg Geier

Joerg Geier, ANSC Program Chair and curator of the program, will moderate the panel discussion. Joerg, co-founder & partner of PDIE Group, is a bridge builder who has been active across different networks and organizations. Former Director of Executive Education at Cambridge University’s Judge Business School. Member and former Deputy Secretary General, Club of Rome.

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